CARS Faculty and Librarian Research Grants are available for substantial individual projects for full-time tenured or tenure track BSU faculty and librarians. These grants support activities for faculty and librarian research projects, scholarship, and creative activity, and to provide time for these activities. This grant is funded through the Office of Academic Affairs by the Bridgewater Foundation.


Funded Projects from 2007

Selling the Garden: The Nineteenth Century Seed Industry Appeals to Middle Class America, Thomas J. Mickey

Innovation and Instigation in the Music of Cecilia McDowell and Katerina Ruzickova, Deborah Nemko

Documenting Latin America: Completing a History Text for Publication, Erin O'Connor

Professional Growth and Research into the Japanese’s Wood Fire Aesthetics, Preston Saunders

Shuji Isawa (1851-1917): Transnational History, Public Memory, and Archival Project in Bridgewater, Ina, and Tokyo, Wing-kai To

A Preview of Sex Crime Legislation: The Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act of 2006, Richard Wright

Henry M. Dunham, a Boston Classic, Steven Young

Funded Projects from 2006

Green Chemistry Synthesis of Indole-based Organic Conducting Polymers, Edward Brush

Construction of mini-DOAS to Study Atmospheric Gas Emissions, Richard Enright

Is Playing with Water Playing with Fire? An Ethnographic Study of Gendered Recreational Water use in Trinidad in an Age of “Scarcity” and Privatization, Diana Fox

Technology Incubators in China, Taiwan and the U.S.: an Exploratory Study, Martin Grossman

Large Marine Animal Costal Dynamics in the Waters off New England with Focus on Basking Sharks, Ocean Sunfish and Marine Turtles, John Jahoda

40Ar/39Ar Laser Dating of Detrital Muscovite from the Teddy Creek Group & Renova Formation, Blacktail Mountains, Montana: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the Western Cordillera, Michael A. Krol

An American in Palermo: the Development of a Film Treatment, Arthur Lizie

Feast on Film: Cuisine, Cinema, and Cross-Cultural Communication, Arthur Lizie

Older and Aging Cape Verdean Women: Sense of Self, Health, and Customs, Anna Martin-Jearld

The Role of Legislatures in Africa’s Emerging Democracies, Shaheen Mozaffar

The Traditional Music of Mali, West Africa: an Audio Visual Journey into the Cultural and Traditional Musical Heritage of West Africa, Salil Sachdev

The Seasonal Variation of the Gravitational Force, Uma Shama

Comparative Research on Vehicle Living in California, Michele Wakin

Funded Projects from 2005

Learning as they Teach: What do Beginning Teachers Know?, Barbara Bautz

Land Use Change and Soil Carbon Storage Potential in Central Spain, Darcy Boellstorff

Milton Classical Friendship, and the Republican Tradition, Gregory Chaplin

Fluctuating Asymmetry in Calopteryx Maculata: A Stress Indicator for Wetland Streams in Southeastern Mass, Kevin Curry

Atomic and Molecular Structure Codes with Lab View, Edward Deveney