CARS Faculty and Librarian Research Grants are available for substantial individual projects for full-time tenured or tenure track BSU faculty and librarians. These grants support activities for faculty and librarian research projects, scholarship, and creative activity, and to provide time for these activities. This grant is funded through the Office of Academic Affairs by the Bridgewater Foundation.


Funded Projects from 2010

To Whom God has Spoken: American Women in Word and Spirit, 1700-the Present, Margaret Lowe

Examination of knowledge and application of selected health theories/models in HIV/AIDS Education/Prevention by Non-Governmental Organizations in Nigeria, Amos Nwosu

Ecuadorian Domesticity: The Intersection of Tradition and Modernity, 1895-1950, Erin O'Connor

Pinter in Performance: A Study of the Stylistic Performance Demands Associated with the Plays of Harold Pinter, Suzanne Ramczyk

Landing Development: What to Expect from Children, Pamela Russell

The Modern and Contemporary Restorations of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Beatrice St. Laurent

Funded Projects from 2009

Money in the Middle: Adult Children as Their Parents' Emissaries to the World of Personal Finance, Arnaa Alcon

A Generation at Risk: Prevalence of Multiple Addictive Behaviors Among Collegiate Athletes, Victoria Bacon and Theresa Coogan

Biogeography and Metacommunity Structure of Intertidal Invertebrates in Puerto Rico, Christopher Bloch

Digital Photographic Food Diaries for Weight Loss: A Pilot Study, Lydia Burak

Beyond the White Negro: Cross-Racial Empathy and White Audiences of African-American Culture, Kimberly Davis

Geography of Coffee & Tea Encyclopedia, James Hayes-Bohanan

Testing the Stepwise Growth of the Tibetan Plateau: A Sedimentologic and Stable Isotopic Study, Malinda Kent-Corson

Digital Photographic Food Diaries for Weight Loss: A Pilot Study, Theresa King

An Analysis of New Approaches to Weak Gravitational Lensing, Thomas Kling

Deco Rings, Rob Lorenson

College Presidents: The After Life of the Post-Presidency, Stephen J. Nelson

What is New is Old: Croatian Contemporary Chamber Music at the Crossroads of European Artistic Expression, Deborah Nemko

Services for Disabled and Deprived Vietnamese Children, Thanh Nguyen

Do Cell Phones Deter Crime? Evidence from 2000-2006 State-Level Panel Data, Matthew Parrett

InSight-s: A Multimedia Art Installation on Three Continents, Magaly Ponce

Sabbatical Residency at SODA, Preston Saunders

Development of Titanium Carbamate Compounds and Study of Their Reactivity, Stephen Waratuke

Eating on the Run: A Qualitative Investigation of Fast Food Student Employees and Social Network Influences on Eating Behaviors, Catherine A. Womack

Funded Projects from 2008

Effectiveness of Biosand Water Filters in Siem Reap, Cambodia: Expanded Support and Video Documentary, Jabbar Al-Obaidi and Kevin Curry