CARS Faculty and Librarian Research Grants are available for substantial individual projects for full-time tenured or tenure track BSU faculty and librarians. These grants support activities for faculty and librarian research projects, scholarship, and creative activity, and to provide time for these activities. This grant is funded through the Office of Academic Affairs by the Bridgewater Foundation.


Funded Projects from 2005

The Effects of Preparation Techniques on Flight Training, Michael Farley

Examining a School-based Professional Development Model in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Ruth D. Farrar and Eric Johnson

Sociolinguistic Study of European Portuguese Communities, Fernanda Ferreira

Project Adventure and Group Cohesion in Counselors, Louise Graham

Working Families in Northern Ireland - An Extension, Ruth Hannon

Non-Perturbative Gravitational Lensing by Three Dimensional Mass Models, Thomas Kling

Alternative Splicing Patterns of the Nkg2a and Nkg2c Genes In Natural Killer Cells Of Squirrel Monkeys And Marmosets, Michelle LaBonte

The Social Calculus of Voting and the Role of Legislatures in Africa’s Emerging Democracies, Shaheen Mozaffar

Dueling Patriarchies and Ecuadorian Indian-State Relations: Book Completion, Erin O'Connor

Quantifying Power: Does Technique make a Difference in The Olympic Lifts?, Ellyn Robinson

2005 National Survey of Geo-Spatial Information Systems (GIS) in Transit, Uma Shama

Tangier and Morocco Through the Lens of Photography 1900-1930, Beatrice St. Laurent

Funded Projects from 2004

Johnson on Truth Telling in Life and Literature: A Book on Culture Wars in Imperial Great Britain, Thomas M. Curley

The Information Gap and Unintended Outcomes of Social Movement, Chicago, Fang Deng

F. Holland Day: A Bibliography, Patricia J. Fanning

Heritage Language Learners: Proficiency Levels and Sociolinguistic Profiles, Fernanda Ferreira

Extended One Dimensional Metal Assemblies Supported by Hydrogen-Bonding Networks: A New Approach to the Rational Design of Molecular Wires, Steven Haefner

21st Century Spain: Celluloid Visions, Transnational Remappings, Leora Lev

Cultural Dimensions of the Digital Divide: Information and Communication Technologies and Brockton’s Cape Verdeans, Arthur Lizie

Jukebox Construction, Rob Lorenson

Commercialization of Nature: The Picturesque Garden According to 19th Century Seedsman James Vick, Thomas J. Mickey

Grazyna Bacewicz: The Voice of a Lost Generation, Deborah Nemko

Interview and Research Regarding Recorder Pedagogy, Nancy Paxia-Bibbons

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Suzanne Ramczyk

A Closing Sabbatical Exhibition of Selected Works Accompanied by an Illustrated Broadsheet/Chapbook Which Overviews One’s Career, Stephen Smalley