CARS Faculty and Librarian Research Grants are available for substantial individual projects for full-time tenured or tenure track BSU faculty and librarians. These grants support activities for faculty and librarian research projects, scholarship, and creative activity, and to provide time for these activities. This grant is funded through the Office of Academic Affairs by the Bridgewater Foundation.


Funded Projects from 2008

Flavonoid-Mediated Protection Against A Novel Mode of Stroke Related Injury, Joseph Burdo

Milton and the End of Renaissance Friendship, Gregory Chaplin

Continuation of Exciting Results - Particle Physics Collaboration at Yale University, Edward Deveney

Experiences and Impact of Discrimination of Seven Marginalized Groups: Social Work Implications, Sabrina Gentlewarrior

New Artworks Addressing Contemporary Environmental, Social and Political Issues, Ivana George

Integrating a WiFi Weather Sensor Network and Computer Modeling to Determine Land-Use Impacts on Evapotranspiration: Bridgewater State College Campus, Robert Hellström

Behavioral Studies on Humpback Whales in the Waters off New England through the Creation of an Online Ethogram (Behavioral Catalog) that uses Multiple Formats, John Jahoda

Male Social Workers: Challenges and Opportunities in a Feminized Profession, Lucinda King-Frode

Flowers of Evil, Corporeal Waxworks: Orientalist Curiosity Cabinets, Leora Lev

The Cultural and Social Factors Linked to Salvia Use and Salvia-related Harms, Dina Perrone

The Tiles of the Dome of the Rock: an Assessment of the Revetment Removed in 1964, Beatrice St. Laurent

Examining the Gaps in California’s Continuum of Care, Michele Wakin

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: An Examination of the Growing Use of Preventive Detention, Richard Wright

Is Rape Justification for Murder? An Examination of the Execution of Sex Offenders, Richard Wright

Funded Projects from 2007

Facilitating Behavior Change: Evaluating A Protocol for Educating Athletic Trainers, Victoria Bacon and Marcia Anderson

Completion of a Book on Eighteenth-Century Literary Fraud and an Edition of A Reply to Clark’s Answer (1782) by William Shaw and Samuel Johnson, Thomas M. Curley

Long term Effectiveness of Biosand Water Filters in Siem Reap, Cambodia Evaluating a Household Water Treatment System for Developing Countries Watershed Access Lab, Bridgewater State College, Kevin Curry

Particle Physics Collaboration at Yale University, Edward Deveney

Perception, Memory and Landscape, Mary Dondero

Diversity, Community, and Citizenship: How Provincetown and Asbury Park, NJ, Residents Respond to New Demographic and Sociocultural Realities, Sandra Faiman-Silva

Heroes, Villains and Canucks: Constructing Canadian “Otherness” in American Juvenile Sporting Fiction, 1890-1940, Andrew C. Holman

Reflections on a Career in Social Work, Lucinda King-Frode and Beverly Lovett

A Deedledock World, Stephen Levine

Consuming the Southern Other: Representations of Spain in French Culture and Arts, Leora Lev

Niagara, Rob Lorenson