A Biodiesel Center for Southeastern Massachusetts: A Story of Grass Roots Innovation

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

There are prevailing narratives about regional economies and how to revitalize them. Whether intentionally or not these help make sense of what we experience and at the same time reinforce the existing order. Beneath their surface, however, there are stories that either complement the narratives, or offer an alternative perspective. This project will focus on a particular revitalization effort within Southeastern Massachusetts that behaves differently from what we might expect. The end result will be a case study that tells the story of a small, grass roots attempt to create a biodiesel production and distribution center in the Wareham, Massachusetts area.

It would be premature to say whether the story that this case tells will stand as one that merely complements the dominant narrative or will, instead, seriously question the prevailing beliefs about regional revitalization. One of the participants did say, however, “I think we are experiencing a paradigm shift.”

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