Submissions from 2012

Responding to Cyberbullying: Advice for Educators and Parents, Elizabeth K. Englander

Comparative Leadership in Non-democracies, Erica Frantz and Elizabeth A. Stein

"For Our Soviet Colleagues": Scientific Internationalism, Human Rights, and the Cold War, Paul Rubinson


Reaching Citizen 2.0: How Government Uses Social Media to Send Public Messages during Times of Calm and Times of Crisis, Nancy Van Leuven, Danielle Newton, Deniz Leuenberger, and Tammy Esteves

Submissions from 2011

Henry IV, Part 1: When Harry Met Harry, Matt Bell

Milton Against Servitude: Classical Friendship, Tyranny, and the Law of Nature, Gregory Chaplin


Making Algebra More Accessible: How Steep Can it be for Teachers?, Diana Cheng and Polina Sabinin

Snapshots of our Literacies, Michelle Cox and Katherine E. Tirabassi

America, Thomas M. Curley

Prophesies, Experiences, and Proof: Philosophy of Religion in Dune, William J. Devlin

Meeting the Challenge of Globalization : President Clinton's "Double Movement" Discourse, Jason A. Edwards and Jaime L. Wright

The Irish American Family, Patricia J. Fanning

Submissions from 2010


Tyrannies Ancient and Modern, Jordan B. Barkalow

An Ethical Analysis of Traffic, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

The Tao of John Locke, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

Imaginary Peanut Butter: The Puzzle of Time Travel in Lost, William J. Devlin

No Country for Old Men: The Decline of Ethics and the West(ern), William J. Devlin


Discipline by Parents and Child Psychopathology, Emily M. Douglas and Murray A. Strauss


Knowledge Acquisition in a Hybrid Graduate Teacher Training Program, Thanh T. Nguyen

Difference and Disability: On the Logic of Naming in the Icelandic Sagas, John P. Sexton

'A Campaign of Extermination': Walter Sickert and Modernism in London in 1914, Jonathan Shirland

Order without Law: The Magnificent Seven, East and West, Aeon J. Skoble

Submissions from 2009

Justice, Power, and Love: The Political Philosophy of Intolerable Cruelty, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

Beyond the White Negro: Eminem, Danny Hoch, and Race Treason in Contemporary America, Kimberly Chabot Davis

Marcadores de Plural no Português Brasileiro e no Crioulo Cabo-Verdiano, Fernanda Ferreira

Frank Merriwell on Skates: Heroes, Villains, Canadians and Other Others in American Juvenile Sporting Fiction, 1890-1940, Andrew C. Holman

Periodizing Hockey History: One Approach, Andrew C. Holman and Stephen Hardy

Reading an ESL writer's text, P. K. Matsuda and Michelle Cox


Rationality and Choice in "Nick of Time", Aeon J. Skoble

Historian, Editor, and the Assassination Legacy, Thomas R. Turner

Categories of Constraint and Avenues of Freedom: Proposing Collective Agency for Addressing Problems of Obesity, Catherine A. Womack


Riding Like a Girl: Feminine Virtues and Women’s Identity, Catherine A. Womack and Pata Suyemoto

Submissions from 2008

Using Economic Experiments in Evaluating Mitigation Decisions, Robert Berrens, Michael McKee, John Talberth, and Michael L. Jones

The Wrath of Nietzsche: Kahn, the Overman, and Revenge, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

Community-focused apologia in Pope John Paul II's year of jubilee discourse, Jason A. Edwards

The Department of Homeland Security and the Entrepreneurial Management and Public Policy Model: A Work in Progress, Wendy Haynes and Robert J. Wright

Radical Freedom and Social Living, Aeon James Skoble

Submissions from 2007

The Prisoner and Self-Imprisonment, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

The Simpsons Already Did It! This Show Is a Freakin’ Rip-Off!, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

The Tao of John Locke, Shai Biderman and William J. Devlin

Offshore outsourcing: Assessing the downside, Jon L. Bryan

Some Paradoxes of Time Travel in The Terminator and 12 Monkeys, William J. Devlin


Violence, Elizabeth Englander

Literary and Popular Culture, Andrew C. Holman and Robert Thacker

Chief Seattle's Afterlife: Mourning and Cross-Cultural Synthesis in Nineteenth-Century America, John J. Kucich

Submissions from 2006

The Philosophical Passion of the Jew: Kyle the Philosopher, William J. Devlin

Leadership and the Law, T. C. Mattocks

Party, ethnicity, and democratization in Africa, Shaheen Mozaffar

The research-policy nexus and United States democracy assistance, Shaheen Mozaffar

Moral clarity and practical reason in film noir, Aeon J. Skoble