Images of America: Chinese in Boston, 1870-1965

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

This project is a manuscript on a photographic history of Chinese in Boston from 1870 to 1965 in the Images of America series with the Arcadia Press. With a completion date by August under contract, this book represents the first comprehensive effort to document the pictorial evidence regarding the historical experience of Chinese Americans in Boston. The sources of this book are culled from various local archives, libraries, historical texts, and collections from the Chinese Historical Society of New England. The book is organized into six chapters concerning early Chinese settlement in New England, formation of Chinatown district in the late 19th century, development of family and community associations, second generation of families and children, nationalism and citizenship in the Second World War, and post-war urban renewal and development. The introductions of different chapters will address these themes along with detailed captions of between 180 and 240 historical photographs.

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