Using the NCANDS Dataset to Test Three Theoretical Models of Fatal Child Maltreatment

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2013

Project Description/Abstract

In my proposal for the 2013 CARS Summer Grant, I proposed to examine three theoretical models to explain fatal child maltreatment: parent psychopathology, social/economic stress, and child behavior problems. I stated that the results of this study would yield important information about understanding risk for maltreatment fatalities. In order to write this paper, I used data from the 2010 National Child Abuse & Neglect Data Set, a national data set of children and their families who came into contact with child protective services in 2010. I completed the analyses and write-up of the proposed project, now titled Testing Three Theoretical Models of Fatal Child Maltreatment Among a Sample of Children Known to Child Protective Services and have submitted the paper to the journal Child Maltreatment. I have also proposed to present this research at the Society for Social Work Research in January 2014.

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