Submissions from 2009


Northern Peruvian non-governmental organizations, Nancy Claiborne, Junqing Liu, Hank Vandenburgh, Jan Hagen, Amanda Mera Rodas, Juan Manual Raunelli Sander, Juan Gabriel Adanaque Zapata, and Martin Javier Zurita Paucar

F. Holland Day and ‘the Beautiful Boy’: The Story of Thomas Langryl Harris and Day’s Nude Study, Patricia J. Fanning

Submissions from 2008


Sporting-self or selling sex: All-girl roller derby in the 21st century, Jodi H. Cohen


The collision of trans-experience and the politics of women's ice hockey, Jodi H. Cohen and T. Z. Semerjian


Using vehicles to challenge antisleeping ordinances, Michele Wakin

Submissions from 2007

From ‘Bolshevik Hall’ to Butterfly Ballroom: The Assimilation of South Norwood’s Lithuanian Hall, Patricia J. Fanning


Review of Michele H. Bogart 'The Politics of Urban Beauty, New York and its Art Commission', Patricia J. Fanning


Sustainable development in public administration planning: An exploration of social justice, equity, and citizen inclusion, Deniz Zeynep Leuenberger and Michele Wakin

Submissions from 2006


'FTM means female to me': Transgender athletes performing gender, Jodi H. Cohen and T. Z. Semerjian


Review of Michael C. Connolly (Ed.) ‘They Change Their Sky: The Irish in Maine’, Patricia J. Fanning

Submissions from 2005


The future of imprisonment [Review of the book The Future of Imprisonment by Michael Tonry], Hank Vandenburgh

Submissions from 2003


How can social workers improve outcomes and costs in disease management?, N. Claiborne and Henry Vandenburgh

Submissions from 2001

F. Holland Day: Beauty is Youth, Patricia J. Fanning

Irish American care of the aged, Patricia J. Fanning


Culture and ideology in keeping transfer commitment: Three community colleges, Howard London and Kathleen M. Shaw

Submissions from 2000

Epidemics, Influenza, and the Irish: Norwood, Massachusetts, in 1918, Patricia J. Fanning

Instructor's resource guide and testing program, Patricia J. Fanning

Submissions from 1999

Boycott!: Louise Imogen Guiney and the American Protective Association, Patricia J. Fanning

Submissions from 1989


Breaking Away: A Study of First Generation College Students and Their Families, Howard London