Middleborough Little League Site Data Recovery Program

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2004

Project Description/Abstract

This request is for funding to assist in the completion of an archaeological site report for the data recovery operation at the Middleborough Little League Site in Middleborough, Massachusetts. This was the location of my BSC archaeological field schools in Summer and Fall of 1999-2001. It is an important piece of archaeological research which ties in to my increasing interest in the ceremonial aspects of culture, since the site produced many objects relating to the sacred, including red and black,= painstones, quartz crystals, pendants, and pecked and polished pebbles. The main objective of the grant is to provide for the analysis of paleobotanical (plant) remains recovered from the site. Funding will enable me to hire a specialist in this field to undertake analysis, which an provide important clues as to season of occupation and diet. The grant would also support the costs of copying the final manuscript.

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