A Study of Returning to Schooling at the College Level

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2007

Project Description/Abstract

I am currently on sabbatical leave conducting research on educational late-blooming at the college level. The title of the study as it appears on the informed consent forms for this research is “A Study of Returning to Schooling at the College Level.” The bulk of this research consists of unstructured interviews with full-time enrolled Bridgewater State College students who are over the age of 30. I am applying for a CART Small Grant to help pay for the transcription of these interviews to Word files. This will allow me to work from paper in the analysis of the interviews (working from tapes makes the recognition of patterns in interviews nearly impossible), and to subject the text to computer analysis using software designed for the quantitative analysis of textual data. I expect his research to produce 20-30 interview tapes, averaging 40 minutes each, which will need transcription.

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