The study examined the current trend in cybercrime awareness and the relationship such trend has with cybercrime vulnerability or victimization. Selecting a sample of 1104 Internet users from Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria, We found that: 1) awareness of information security was high in that about 2 in every 3 (68%) participants demonstrated a favorable awareness of information security and cybercrime. It was, however, revealed that such a high level of awareness could be partial and weak. 2) most Internet users demonstrated the awareness of fraud-related cybercrime categories (39%), e-theft (15%), hacking (12%), and ATM theft (10%). However, they were rarely aware of sexually related offenses, cyber-terrorism, malware attacks, spam emails, and identity theft as their proportion hovered around 8% and below. 3) Internet users significantly demonstrated more awareness of computer-assisted (M = 2.5; SD = 1.7) than that of computer-focused cybercrime categories (M = 2.2, SD = 1.3), t(1103) = 2.9, p=.000, r =.2. 4) Internet users significantly demonstrated more awareness of property cybercrime (M = 2.54; SD = 1.6) than that of violent cybercrime categories (M = 1.82, SD = 1.2), t(1103) = 5.94, p=.000, r =.3. 5) cybercrime awareness is positively correlated to cybercrime victimization experiences in that participants who demonstrated more awareness of cybercrime experienced significantly more cybercrime victimization (M = 1.66; SD = 1.7) than those who did not demonstrate awareness of cybercrime (M = .73, SD = 1.4), t(1103) = 7.55, p=.000, r =.52.

Note on the Author(s)

Dr. Ogochukwu Favour Nzeakor1; Assoc. Prof. Bonaventure N. Nwokeoma2; Ibrahim Muhammad Hassan3; Dr. Benjamin Okorie Ajah4; & John Thomson Okpa5

1Peace & Conflict Studies Unit, School of General Studies, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. Abia State, Nigeria; 2&4Department of Sociology & Anthropology, the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nigeria, 3Department of Social Studies, School of Arts & Social Sciences, Niger State College of Education, Mina; & 5Department of Sociology, University of Calabar.