About This Journal

The International Journal of Cybersecurity Intelligence and Cybercrime (IJCIC) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes 2 issues per year, offering empirical research articles, policy reports, case studies, and book reviews to keep readers up-to-date on the emerging field of cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Cybersecurity Intelligence and Cybercrime aims to highlight the origins, patterns, causes, motivations, and trends of cybersecurity and cybercrime in a contemporary era, while also providing new methods and approaches to existing issues within the field. The journal aims to offer theoretical and practical implications for a wide range of audiences, including academics and industry experts currently working in the field. The journal offers unique opportunities for bridging and initiating discussions between these audiences and seeks to enhance theory, method, and practice within the growing field of cybersecurity and cybercrime.

IJCIC seeks to publish theoretical and empirical studies that contribute to a better understanding of the causes, patterns, and trends of crime, deviance, and security in cyberspace, as well as countermeasures for broader implications.

Cybercrime and cybersecurity are ubiquitous and interconnected between different platforms, places, and actors. To reflect such characteristics, we invite submissions from criminologists, social scientists, computer scientists, cybersecurity practitioners, members of police agencies, policy-makers, and academic researchers. We also welcome submissions that have international and global perspectives and implications.

ISSN (Print): 2578-3297
ISSN (Online): 2578-3289