Development of Titanium Carbamate Compounds and Study of Their Reactivity

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2009

Project Description/Abstract

: I study the development of titanium compounds to combine amines with alkenes/alkynes in a hydroamination reaction yielding enantiomeric amines. These products are often difficult to make economically with reasonable rate and selectivity. A catalyst, (such as a titanium compound), is needed to convert many organic substrates in a cyclic process wherein the catalyst is regenerated. An organometallic titanium catalyst contains ligands is which share electron density with the titanium to make and break chemical bonds. Also, the space occupied by the ligands limits the substrates approach resulting in product specificity. By altering the size and electronics of the ligands the catalysis can be more effective. The focus of my proposal is to study ligands based upon carbamates, (which are an amide ester combination), due to their structure and reactivity. Similar ligand compounds have been successful and this would represent a novel endeavor in the catalysis field.

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