Landing Development: What to Expect from Children

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2010

Project Description/Abstract

Physical education teachers rely upon motor development progressions to create age-appropriate movement competence. These progressions exist for numerous motor skills, yet there is no progression for landings. Given alarming increases in anterior cruciate ligament injuries for young women, providing physical educators with a developmental progression for landing skills may facilitate instruction that creates neuromuscular habits that decrease injury risk. This instruction may prepare future sport participants, especially young women, for landings later challenged by physical growth and maturation. Therefore, the goal of this study is to begin creating a motor development progression for landing skills. The specific objective is to use video analysis to quantify lower extremity joint and segment positions and movements for children aged 4 to 9 landing from a vertical jump and a drop jump. Specific movement qualities will be tallied, percent of occurrences reported and initial evidence for trends over age groups will be described.

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