Submissions from 2006


Is knowledge of change theory a critical competency in the training of health care practitioners?, Marcia K. Anderson and Victoria L. Bacon


Ethical challenges in a complex world: Highlights of the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics, Michael Kocet


The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the preferred certification for personal training employment in southeastern Massachusetts, Ellyn Robinson, Louise Graham, and M. A. Bauer

Submissions from 2005

Substance abuse, Victoria L. Bacon, B. Lerner, D. Trembley, and M. Seestedt


Report of the ACA ethics committee: 2003-2004, Michael Kocet and L. T. Freeman

Submissions from 2004


Addiction and the college athlete: The multiple addictive behaviors (MABQ) questionnaire with college athletes, Victoria L. Bacon and Pamela J. Russell


Traumatic Swimming Events Reprocessed with EMDR, Louise Graham


The Robinson protocol: A treadmill anaerobic performance test, Ellyn Robinson, Louise Graham, and Samuel A. Headley

Submissions from 2002

Differential diagnosis of sleep apnea, Louise Graham


Carbohydrate-electrolyte ingestion has no effect on high intensity running performance or blood metabolites, Ellyn Robinson, Louise Graham, J. Moncada, B. Jensen, M. Jones, and S. A. Headley

Submissions from 2001


Sprint performance: The reliability of a run to exhaustion, Ellyn Robinson, Louise Graham, and S. A. Headley

Submissions from 1999

Gender and the hiring of coaches at high schools and small colleges, Victoria L. Bacon and P. E. Dubois

Submissions from 1998

Addiction and the female athlete: What's new?, Victoria L. Bacon

To feel my own knowing in motion: Harmonizing the mind, body, and emotions, Victoria L. Bacon, B. L. Fenby, and A. M. Lawrence