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Apponequet Regional High School, Lakeville, Massachusetts


Constance Bebis


Alex Humphreys, Bryan Andrews, Steve Rodriguez, Billy Mason, Andrew McGoven


The purpose of the study was to compare two fresh water resources in the Freetown Lakeville area. One site found was a natural spring located in Lakeville near Morgan Reserves off Long Pont Road. The Spring is located in the woods and in a remote location. The water from the spring enters into Little Quittacas Pond, a reservoir for New Bedford drinking water. The other freshwater site was a brook called Fall Brook in Freetown located off Gurney Road. The brook is located near Still Water Fastener Factory and flows under Gurney Road.

The focus of the study was on water chemistry, water quality, and the differences between the 2 sites. Since this is an Earth Science class, the students first had to locate their sites on a topography map with latitude and longitude. Students then hypothesized that the Spring was in a pristine location and thus water quality would be ideal in comparison to this particular brook with a road and factory along side of it. The students then visited their sites to take grab samples, measure depth & flow, and to initiate the Hydrolab probe. As the data revealed, the Spring although had very good DO amounts, its pH is slightly acidic, higher conductivity readings, and most notably has high nitrate amounts. Fall Brook, on the other hand, had low DO amounts, pH increasingly acidic, lower conductivity readings, and low nitrate amounts. As the presentation reveals, students infer possible answers to their observations and data recorded. Students concluded from the presentation that the spring’s water quality was not as ideal as they initially hypothesized. Possible procedural and experimental errors were discussed in class.

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