Selling Alcohol as Medicine: Women, Health, and Public Relations in 1900

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2011

Project Description/Abstract

Since 1995 I have been researching the Pabst Brewery product called Tonic, a medicinal beverage, containing more alcohol than beer, and marketed to women from 1887 into the 1940s. I have presented papers based on this research at four international conferences, and written a chapter on this topic for my book, Deconstructing Public Relations. I am now interested in writing a book devoted just to Pabst Tonic. During the Writing Institute at BSU last summer I finished a book outline, a chapter, and a book proposal. My goals with the Summer Grant are to prepare a detailed outline for the ten chapters and conduct two interviews in Milwaukee with local historians. By September I will be prepared to write the book manuscript. Marquette University Press in Milwaukee has expressed interest in the book.

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