An Investigation of University-Industry-Government Linkages in the High Tech Sector in Singapore

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

The concept of the Triple Helix (Etzkowitz and Leydes, 2000) has become an increasingly popular framework to analyze national innovation, competitiveness and regional economic development. The Triple Helix model emphasizes the multiple interrelationships that exist between three institutional spheres (academia, industry and government). In today’s global and highly interconnected business environment, such linkages allow for new modes of collaboration and knowledge transfer to evolve, and provide an environment in which innovation can be nurtured. The proposed project is an exploratory analysis of the Triple Helix relationships in Singapore, a small island country that has made significant progress over the last two decades and which currently has the highest standard of living in Asia. Specific focus will be on the role of science-technology parks, national policy, and university research programs. Data will be collected and aggregated from the literature, secondary data sources, site visits and interviews.

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