Conceptual, Institutional and Physical Infrastructure: Understanding the role of China’s Higher Education in its “Second Cultural Revolution”; Alternative title: China from the Four Modernizations to Globalization through Higher Education

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

This research is a longitudinal study (20 years) of the evolution of higher education/curriculum in China’s urban and rural venues. With globalization and its tremendous impact upon China’s people, her government and her industry, higher education is now highly valued and competitive in China. The relationship between the public and private universities is complex. Radical curriculum changes aid China’s participation in the WTO and other international organizations. China’s needs for 21st century banking, international and trade law, medicine and countless technological applications requires that her once benighted higher education system engage both the conceptual and physical infrastructure needed for continued growth. The research work (participant observation, interviewing, and historical critical) is completed on this project. Time to write is of the essence. This project ends in a book manuscript for submission to IDEA press by September 30, 2007. The publisher (IDEA Press) has kindly extended our existing contract.

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