Using Tiered Graphic Organizers to Differentiate Instruction in the Early Childhood Classroom

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2008

Project Description/Abstract

The goal of this creative project is to differentiate instruction for more effective teaching in the early childhood classroom. The goal is to co-write a book that will aid students in grades one to three in organizing writing. The outcome will allow teachers to consider the needs of all students when writing various products in the early childhood classroom. The chapters will be divided into three sections, one explaining the use of tiered graphic organizers in draft writing, one sharing a model lesson and the third to include three graphic organizers. Using what is known as tiered instruction (leveled responses), each graphic organizer would be designed to the same outcome, but created at different levels of complexity to meet student need. This demands the creator design a criteria specific graphic organizer, recreate two similar graphic organizers at different levels of complexity and evaluate their usefulness. The resulting book will be published by Scholastic, Inc.

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