The Body of Adonis: Royalist Marvell and the Villiers Elegy

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2013

Project Description/Abstract

My 2013 CARS Summer Grant allowed me to research the depiction of the death of Lord Francis Villiers in the rival newsbooks that emerged during the English Civil Wars and prepare essay locating Andrew Marvell’s “An Elegy Upon the Death of My Lord Francis Villiers” within that context. In particular, this essay looks at the ways in which Marvell’s elegy responds to the emergence of political journalism and tries to assert control over the significance of Villier’s death. I have shared my work with members of the Andrew Marvell Society, and based on this short essay (2000 words), Martin Dzelzainis and Edward Holberton have asked me to contribute a substantially longer essay (“Marvell and Elegy”) on all of Marvell’s Elegies for the newly commissioned Oxford Handbook of Marvell (Oxford UP), which is due May 2015.

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