Writing Sections of My Book: Proving Mathematical Propositions

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2004

Project Description/Abstract

One of the main skills that a mathematics major needs is the ability to solve problems. In a formal sense, this involves proving mathematical statements. Because of the calculus reform movement and our change here at Bridgewater from 4 to 3 credit calculus courses, students no longer get the knowledge and practice early on that they need to be able to understand and prove propositions in mathematics. I am writing a book that addresses this need. My goal is to teach students how to solve problems and prove theorems. First they will learn the tools (predicate logic, set theory and methods of proof) then their experience will be guided through a wide variety of carefully developed examples and practice. I will use my extensive background in formal mathematical logic along with my knowledge and experience in education and psychology to write clear and simple explanations for these mathematical concepts.

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