Collapsible Dance

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2006

Project Description/Abstract

Dance can, and often does, mystify its audiences. It is by nature a language that exists outside the realm of written or spoken word, and yet movement is at the very heart of our experience in the world and our interaction with others. I am very interested in finding ways of bridging the divide between professionals and community while maintaining the integrity of my artistic work and offering meaningful experiences for both participants and audiences. Collapsible Dance would address the discrepancy between the professional dancer and the community while maintaining artistic merit and promoting artistic experience for both participants and audiences. The dance would be choreographed to accommodate participants from the community hosting the event, and would be collapsible to its professional components when time or space restricted community participation. The community sections would emanate from the professional sections in direct choreographic response to the content of the dance. My Collapsible Dance would expand to incorporate members of the community hosting the project, or collapse into smaller versions performed by professionals in alternative spaces in the hosting community.

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