Bringing Research, Community, and Public Engagement Together through Liberation Media: The Case of Fondes Amandes, Trinidad

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2011

Project Description/Abstract

Building on prior research, this project involves travel to the agro-forestry community of Fondes Amandes, Trinidad, to work collaboratively with community members and documentary filmmakers to identify and find solutions for the social ills afflicting the village, impeding the sustainable vision first identified by its founders. I will employ the use of film as a research tool to produce a media project in conjunction with residents addressing issues about which they have expressed concern, including: 1) water sustainability, management and democracy; 2) the role of gender, especially women’s knowledge of and roles in protecting and managing water resources for agriculture, household consumption, reforestation, etc.; and 3) tensions among neighboring communities and the use of shared water resources. This methodology, the “Fogo Process,” is a model of community media involving public screenings of video interviews to generate shared knowledge and community-wide discussion around their problems.

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