The Proper Care And Feeding Of Economic Decisions: Revealing the True Value of Service and Caring Labor in Public and Non-Profit Organizations

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2006

Project Description/Abstract

Redistribution of care and the provision of caring labor has been the responsibility of government and charitable organizations in the United States. Adoption of market-based models by these agencies may lead to reduction in social capital and increased inequities for those unable to pay market prices for services (Salamon 1997; Folbre 2001; Eikenberry and Kluver 2004). The “invisible hand” of the market may not address the true value of care-enhanced services, resulting in non-optimal prices. Caring labor may be reimbursed at a too low price, or the demand and the price for care services, when the price of care is incorporated, may be too high to meet equity goals. Measuring caring labor is the first step to understanding the contribution of the labor of care. Using interviews, surveys, and document review, this research project uses case study methodology to add to knowledge about measurement of caring labor in government and non-profit organizations.

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