Middleborough Little League Site Archaeology Project: Use-Wear Analysis of Tools from the 1999-2001 Seasons

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2009

Project Description/Abstract

The Middleborough Little League site is on three river terraces located north-west of the Nemasket River. Use-wear analysis on edge tools from this site will be done by an outside consultant on approximately 750 edge tools excavated during the 1999 – 2001 field seasons. These are the last specimens needing to be examined from the third terrace, the archaeological field work at which is now complete. The examination of these materials will be of great importance in the interpretation of cultural activities at the site, which will be part of a final report to be submitted during Fall 2010. Using low-power magnification (50x), Susan Jacobucci, use-wear analyst, will examine the edge tools from these three seasons at the site to determine what their most likely uses were. This type of analysis has been very useful in past seasons for determining areas of the site primarily used for hide-processing, wood-working, butchering, or bone tool manufacture.

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