Professional Development Project on Hawaiian Creole and Contact Varieties

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2010

Project Description/Abstract

I plan to conduct a professional development project focusing on language contact phenomena in Hawaii. The best cost-effective vehicle for this project is to join the Study Tour lead by Professor Yulia Stakhnevich in January 2011. As a linguist and a scholar of language contact phenomena, I have published peer-reviewed articles in the area of Portuguese-based Creoles (Ferreira 2006a, 2009) and multilingual matters (Ferreira 2006b, 2001). Participating in the tour will allow me to expand my knowledge of language contact varieties, specifically the English-based Hawaiian Creole. This Creole language is spoken by an estimated half million people in Hawaii (Lyovin 1997). Linguists have identified important grammatical similarities between Portuguese-based Creoles such as Papiamentu (spoken in Aruba, Bonaire and Cura9ao) and Hawaiian Pidgin and Creole. These similarities can be the result of universal constructs or contact phenomena. I will meet with experts at the University of Hawaii at Manoa such as Paul Chandler (Portuguese and Contact Varieties) and Richard Schmidt (Applied Linguistics and Diglossia) among others to learn more about advancements in the understanding of these languages. Thus, the principal outcome of completing this project is my deeper and clearer understanding of the connections between contact varieties and the theoretical constructs that have been proposed to explain these linguistic similarities.

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