CARS Small Grants enable faculty and librarians to pursue creative, innovative ideas for the enhancement of research, teaching and other scholarly activities, for which they would otherwise not have the resources.


Funded Projects from 2012

Millions of Lightyears Away, Collin Asmus

Professional Photography of Artwork, Leigh Craven

Cyberbullying Behaviors: Correlating Prevalence and Socioeconomic Status, Elizabeth Englander

Examining Stone Features of the Eastern Seaboard, Curtiss Hoffman

Women to Whom God Has Spoken: Gender and New Right Politics, Margaret Lowe

Prevalence of Pain and Injury Related to Conducting, Donald J. Running

Crossing Boundaries and the Creation of African Consciousness: The Continental Influence of James Aggrey, Ethan Sanders

The Effects of Ethanol Vapor on the Circadian Rhythms of Drosophila Melanogaster, Joseph Seggio

Construction of Russian-American Identity: A Case Study of George Grebenstchikoff, Yulia Stakhnevich

Funded Projects from 2011

Here Live the Stories: Working the Land through Indigenous Knowledge, Joyce Rain Anderson

Many Miles Away: Exploiting Long Distance Viewing As a Theme in Art, Collin Asmus

Heritage Imagined: Tourists’ Reckoning with the Authenticity of Carcassonne, Jodi Cohen

Luscious Pate de Verre, Leigh Craven

Bringing Research, Community, and Public Engagement Together through Liberation Media: The Case of Fondes Amandes, Trinidad, Diana Fox

Photographic Print Exhibition Illustrating the Odonate Life Cycle, Frank Gorga

Middleborough Little League Archaeology Project, Curtiss Hoffman

Developing an Undergraduate Research Lab in Discursive Psychology, Michelle Mamberg

Decades of Chaos and Revolution: Showdowns for College Presidents, Stephen Nelson

World Premiere Performance of the “Mass, Ancestral Remembrances” for Chorus, Soloists, and Orchestra, Carol A. Nicholeris

InSight-s: A Multimedia Installation in Three Continents [National Natural History Museum in Lisbon, Portugal], Magaly Ponce

“Transcending Tradition”: An exhibition of ceramic work, Preston Saunders

Funded Projects from 2010

Immersion Course in Mandarin at Boston Language Institute, Benjamin Carson

Photographing God: An Examination of Sacred Sites as World Heritage in Northern Romania, Jodi H. Cohen

Staging Harold Pinter’s Old Times, Arthur Dirks

Perception, Memory and Landscape - Water, Rock and Time, Mary Dondero

Professional Development Project on Hawaiian Creole and Contact Varieties, Fernanda Ferreira

Hand-Held Weather Stations for Geography Labs and Research, Robert Hellström

WiFi Weather Station and Snow Depth Monitoring System for Snow Research at Harvard Forest, Massachusetts, Robert Hellström

The Holly Project: Effects on Captive Chimpanzee (Pan trogolodytes) Behavior of Applying Sensory Integration Therapy, Ellen Ingmanson

Seduction of the English Garden, Thomas J. Mickey

Measuring Hypoxia Induced Endocrine Disruption Biomarkers in the Fathead Minnow, Jonathan Roling

The Folk Music of Rajasthan, India, Salil Sachdev

Funded Projects from 2009

Inventing Identities in Second Language Writing, Michelle Cox

Samuel Johnson and Ossian, Cambridge University Press, 2009, Thomas M. Curley

Innovations in Child and Family Policy, Emily M. Douglas

Engaging in South African Family Literacy Education, Ruth D. Farrar

Photographing Climate Change in the Peruvian Andes, Ivana George

Experiences of Science Majors in an Elementary and Early Childhood Education Licensure Program, Nicole J. Glen

Middleborough Little League Archaeology Project, Curtiss Hoffman

Middleborough Little League Site Archaeology Project: Use-Wear Analysis of Tools from the 1999-2001 Seasons, Curtiss Hoffman

The Success and Failure of College Presidents, Stephen J. Nelson

Investigating the Contemporary Context of Japanese Performance Traditions Through Fieldwork in Japan, Minae Savas

Olga Costa: A Mexican by Choice, Julia Stakhnevich

Ethical Issues in Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Building Relationships of Trust, Catherine A. Womack

Funded Projects from 2008

Land Use Transition and Dynamic Soil Property Assessment for an Agricultural Soil of Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Darcy Boellstorff

Validation of Forest Algorithms in a Snow Process Model, Robert Hellström

Virtual Ethogram Component Depicting Humpback Whale Behavior to Support the Creation of an Online Behavioral Catalog that Uses Multiple Format, John Jahoda

Effect of 3-methyleneoxindole and Its Derivatives on Viability of Trypanosoma Brucei, Patricia E. Mancini

The Music of the Sidis: An African Bridge to India, Salil Sachdev

Acquisition of New Response Pads to Run SuperLab Pro in Psychology Research Experiments, Elizabeth Spievak