CARS Small Grants enable faculty and librarians to pursue creative, innovative ideas for the enhancement of research, teaching and other scholarly activities, for which they would otherwise not have the resources.


Funded Projects from 2021

American Eel Stream Substrate Preference Before and After Dam Removal, Kevin Curry

Women in Sport and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, 1943-1954, Oversized Archival Digitization Project, Orson Kingsley

Funded Projects from 2020

Enabling international peer-to-peer student collaboration to promote climate resilient community farming through climate observations, Robert Hellström

Algorithms, Big Data, and Computations - Design of Educational Games (ABCDE), Yiheng Liang

James Brown FAQ Proposal, Arthur Lizie

Searching the Soul of the College and University in America: Religious and Democratic Covenants and Controversies, Stephen Nelson

A Concise Handbook to Help Scientists Make Effective Use of Statistical Methods in the Field of Dental Materials, Kevin Rion

Seeking and Evaluating Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Texts for Elementary and Middle School Levels Education and Health Sciences, Yulia Stakhnevich

Public Perceptions of Sex Trafficking and Implications for Legal Decision-Making, Nisa Wasarhaley

A Concise Handbook to Help Scientists Make Effective Use of Statistical Methods in the Field of Dental Materials, Wanchunzi Yu

Funded Projects from 2019

Expedition to Chile and Argentina to Observe the 2 July 2019 Solar Eclipse, Martina Arndt

Detecting trait narcissism on social media, Ashely Hansen-Brown

Geography Building Capacity for Collaboration and Data Sharing Through Satellite Link Upgrades of a Weather Station in the Quilcyhuanca Valley, Peru, Robert Hellström

The effect of Withaferin A on expression of heat, shock proteins and apoptosis in cisplatin-sensitive versus cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cells, Merideth Krevosky

Synthesis of Anti-ferromagnetic Cobalt Oxide Nanocrystals Using Bacteria, Saritha Nellutla

Sex Differences in the Neuropathology of Rats with a Developmental Disruption Model of Schizophrenia, Stephanie Penley

Confirming the Theory of Professional Readiness in Athletic Training, Philip Szlosek

Hobo Jungle: Homeless Rights to Paradise, Michele Wakin

Maxwell digital curation project, Xiaocan Wang

Funded Projects from 2018

Support for the Publication of Acts of Poetry: American Poets' Theater and the Politics of Performance, Heidi Bean

Dissemination of New artworks from the series titled "Sustain", Ivana George

Computational Methods of Data Simulation and Visualization for General Public, Yiheng Liang

Women to Whom God Has Spoken: A Memoir, Maragret Lowe

Resiliency in Rural Community Based Organizations in South Africa, Seth Meyer

John G. Kemeny and Dartmouth College: The Man, The Times and the College Presidency, Stephen Nelson

Davidson, Dreben, Føllesdal, and Quine: The Stanford Meetings, James Pearson

The Basalt Series: Sketching the Perimeter of an Unusually Blue-Color Moon, Magaly Ponce

An Exploratory Analysis of Faculty and Student use of Social Media as a Learning Tool, Thomasena Shaw

Weight speech, hate speech? Weight stigmatizing speech, harm and discrimination, Catherine Womack

Calling Climate Change Denials as Conspiracy: Effects of Conspiracy Labeling on Belief in Climate Change Science, Support for Mitigation Policies, and Environmentally Friendly Behavior Intention, Hui Zhang

Funded Projects from 2017

The "Nature Fix" and Stress Reduction, Lydia Burak

Back to the Archives: Guiney's Recusant Poets, Round Two, James Crowley

Explaining the Immigration and Crime Paradox: How Does Immigration Affect Vacancy and crime Rates at the Neighborhood Level Over Time?, Feodor Gostjev

Improved sensor platform for measuring weather patterns from a drone: Llanganuco Valley, Peru, Robert Hellström

Flight Instruction Revisited, John Kreeft

Investigation of the molecular mechanism of cleavage and export of aB-Crystallin during inflammasome activation in renal epithelial cells, Merideth Krevosky

John G. Kemeny and Dartmouth College: The Man, The Times and the College Presidency, Stephen Nelson

Content Analysis of Current History of Psychology Textbooks, Michael Root

Picturing Ujamaa: Painting in Public & Tanzania's Post-Independence Nationalist Projects, Jonathan Shirland

Book Proposal: Chinese Matters, Chinese Plays in Noh and Kyogen Theatres, Leo Shingchi Yip

Funded Projects from 2016

Non-Traditional Service Learning: Reflections from Students, Margaret Boyd

A Course in Children's Literature, Christine Brown

Application of UAV Technology for Measuring Weather Patterns in the Llanganuco Valley, Peru, Robert Hellström

Acculturation Experience of Korean Women in Manchukuo, Jonghyun Lee

Redefining Science: Scientists, National Security State, and Nuclear Weapons in Cold War America, Paul Rubinson

Awakening the Princess: Analyzing the impact of The Sleeping Beauty on the development of British Ballet in the 20th century, Jenifer Sarver

The Effects of Wheel-Running and Healthy Diet Replacement on Obesity Markers in Mice, Joseph Seggio

The Dance Core Project, Jody Weber

Funded Projects from 2015

Narratives of Cancer Caring, Barbara Bond

3D Printing for Mathematical Vase Design, Heidi Burgiel