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The study compared gender and developmental differences in vertical loading rate upon a two-footed landing from a self-initiated VJ. Fifty-seven subjects grouped by age (pre-pubescent (8-11 yrs); post-pubescent (19-29 yrs)) and gender consented to participate. Subjects jumped for a ball set at 50% of their maximum VJ height, and landed on two feet, facing forward, with only their dominant foot on the force plate. Motion analysis (3-D) and ground reaction force (GRF) data were collected. Statistical analyses indicated significant developmental differences in vertical loading rate normalized to kinetic energy, but no gender differences. Children may have higher loading rates because they lack the experience, strength, and associated neuromuscular patterns that prepare them to modulate force as adults do.

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Russell, PJ, Swartz, EE, Croce, RV & Decoster, LC. (2004, August). Loading rate in self-initiated vertical jump landings: developmental and gender comparisons. Proceedings of the XXIInd International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports, 175-178.