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In this article, the authors investigate key aspects of a 2-year study of mentoring within a reform-based teacher development project, explore the various mentor relationships, and theorize about key events, tensions, and dynamics that resulted in an unexpected sense of community among project stakeholders as a direct result of mentoring. Data for this article describe the impact of teacher mentoring within the Assessment Initiative for Middle School Physical Education (AIMS-PE) project. AIMS-PE was a multi-year Center for Disease Control grant funded project with goals including assisting in-service teachers to examine and reframe their assessment practices and to increase their students. knowledge and behaviors of physical activity. Initiation and development of positive mentoring relationships among participating teachers and their mentors was a major component of this effort, providing necessary support and encouragement to meet project objectives. Also, the authors explore participants' experiences in the project to better understand the influences of teacher mentoring that contributed to the development of a sense of community.

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Patton, K., Griffin, L.L., Sheehy, D., Arnold, R., Gallo, A.M., Pagnano, K., ...James, A. (2005). Chapter 2: Navigating the mentoring process in a research-based teacher development project: A situated learning perspective. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 24(4), 302-325.