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The purpose of this study was to bilaterally examine the kinematic motions of the upper extremity in the snap down technique. Six male collegiate wrestlers were recruited and performed a total of ten snaps, five from each side. A standard two-dimensional kinematic analysis was conducted in the upper extremity. The results showed no significant difference between right and left side in the angular displacement, velocity and acceleration. These findings indicated that upper limb ambidexterity was achieved by these college wrestlers in the study. From further video analysis, the study found some wrestlers appeared to use their shoulder and elbow as prime executors of the technique while other wrestlers utilized their hips. Upon this discovery, future studies are warranted to investigate the kinematics of lower extremity motion in the snap down technique.

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DeCastro, N. & Wu, T. (2015, June 29-July 3). The Examination of Upper Limb Ambidexterity in Wrestling Snap Down Technique. Paper presented at the 33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports. Poitier, France.