Journal of Cape Verdean Studies


Inspired by the display of ingenuity and resilience at the 2018 Poderoza Conference for Cabo Verdean women, this theoretical essay calls for research that takes up a Kriola culture of mobility (KCM). Neckerman, Carter and Lee (1999) define a minority culture of mobility as “a set of cultural elements that is associated with a minority group, and that provides strategies for managing economic mobility in the context of discrimination and group disadvantage.” After Neckerman and colleagues, I argue that KCM research can explore and clarify the intersectional and multicultural dynamics that attend the sociocultural mobility that Cabo Verdean women in the US achieve. Further, I suggest that the particularities of KCM have universal resonance for any democracy like the US, where an increasing number of younger people are people of color, who are multicultural and are raised in households headed by women.