Journal of Cape Verdean Studies

Policies & Guidelines


The Journal of Cape Verdean Studies publishes academic works focusing on Cape Verdean Studies specifically and diaspora and cultural studies broadly. Once published in the Journal of Cape Verdean Studies, works should not be published elsewhere for a period of six months.

Original academic works are submitted to a blind peer review process to two or three specialists in the field for evaluation. Authors will receive suggestions and feedback from reviewers. The Journal reserves the right to refuse an article should the author refuse to adhere to reviewers’ suggestions.

The Journal of Cape Verdean Studies reserves the right to make formal alterations in the text to be presented.


  • Articles should be submitted through our online submission portal or through electronic mail directed to the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies at j6rosa@bridgew.edu.
  • Submitted articles should have no identifying information of the author; author data should be restricted to the appropriate fields in the online submission form.
  • The submitted text should not be greater than 30 pages, with 1.5 line spacing. The lead page should contain
    • Title of Article;
    • A 10 to 15-line abstract;
    • Listing of key words.
  • Authors should not include page numbers in main body of text.
  • Authors should not include any highlighted material unless it is meant to be included in the final version of article.
  • Authors should distinguish headings and subheadings by spacing above and below.
  • References should adhere to the following rules: (author last name, date, page number).
  • Authors should use sequentially numbered footnotes.
  • Bibliographic references should be placed at the end of the article and follow APA guidelines.
  • Articles appearing in a language other than English should contain the abstract and key words in both languages.

Submission Preparation Checklist

  • Authors are required to check off their submission’s compliance with the following items provided in the submission process. Failure to do so will result in submission being returned.
  • The work is original and not under review in another journal.
  • The submission is in Word format or compatible format.
  • URLs for references are provided whenever possible.
  • Line spacing is 1.5; text is in 12 pt. Times New Roman and uses italics rather than underlining. Figures and charts are inserted in the text rather than at the end as attachments.

Copyright Notice

Authors publishing in the journal agree to the following terms:

Authors maintain copyright but concede the journal the right of first publication. Publication in other spaces is permitted six months after publication in the Journal of Cape Verdean Studies, so long as author recognizes the initial publication in the journal.


The names and addresses associated with the journal will be used exclusively for services rendered and under this publication and will not be released to other ends or third parties.

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