Journal of Cape Verdean Studies


Leila Rosa


Using exploratory case study methodology and a critical theoretical perspective, this study examined the impact of parental deportation on three Cape Verdean youths, in one of the largest Cape Verdean immigrant communities in Southeast New England. A particularly focus is given to their schooling experiences following parental deportation as well as their understanding of the event of parental deportation. Participants expressed feeling isolated and disconnected in school and from extended family following their parents’ involvement with Immigration services. They questioned or denied their American identity despite being citizens by birth. They described fears and feelings of uncertainty about their future. All participants described having negative schooling experiences following their parents’ incarceration with Immigration Customs Enforcement. They all understood the deportation to be unfair and unwarranted. The findings of this study highlight the importance of school districts that serve large immigrant populations, developing structures responsive to the issues of immigration.

Note on the Author

Leila Rosa is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Her research interests are Educational Leadership, Special Education, Immigration Policy and Literacy Studies.