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The world is drowning in petroleum-based plastics. Plastics and their byproducts have created an environmental crisis by polluting our oceans and negatively affecting human health and diverse ecosystems around the world. Alternative bioplastics sourced from plants, especially hemp, seaweed, and lignin (organic polymers in wood and bark), offer promising solutions. Still, bioplastics currently make up only one percent of the global plastics market. My undergraduate scholarship in Graphic Design aims to build a consumer awareness campaign of bioplastics and promote their viability through branding, logos, and advertising designs. Based on research into hemp, seaweed, and lignin-sourced bioplastics, I have developed a brand called Gaia Bioplastics with different logo variations for each of the three types of bioplastics. I have also designed visuals for advertising bioplastics, including infographics and product designs, that illustrate the sources and advantages of the products. In addition, I have provided website designs that educate consumers in appealing ways about the social and environmental benefits of substituting bioplastics for the plastics based on oil and gas. I aim to share the results of this interdisciplinary design project with start-up biomaterial companies working with hemp, seaweed, and lignin materials



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Prof. Alain Blunt, Thesis Advisor

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