Submissions from 2015


Measuring Glacier Surface Temperatures with Ground-based Thermal Infrared Imaging, Caroline Aubry-Wake, Michel Baraer, Jeffrey M. McKenzie, Bryan G. Mark, Oliver Wigmore, Robert Hellström, Laura Lautz, and Lauren Somers

Submissions from 2014


An Indirect Method for Predicting Road Surface Temperature in Coastal Areas with Snowy Winters, Jason Covert and Robert Hellström

Submissions from 2011


Entrepreneurship and Rural Development: Role of Street-level Bureaucracy in India, Madhu N. Rao

Submissions from 2009


Estimated soil organic carbon change due to agricultural land management modifications in a semiarid cereal-growing region in Central Spain, Darcy Boellstorff


Evaluation of forest snow processes models (SnowMIP2), N. Rutter, R. Essery, J. Pomeroy, N. Altimir, K. Andreadis, I. Baker, A. Barr, P. Bartlett, A. Boone, H. Deng, H. Douville, E. Dutra, K. Elder, C. Ellis, X. Feng, A. Gelfan, A. Goodbody, Y. Gusev, D. Gustafsson, Robert Hellström, Y. Hirabayashi, T. Hirota, T. Jonas, V. Koren, A. Kuragina, D. Lettenmaier, W. P. Li, C. Luce, E. Martin, O. Nasonova, J. Pumpanen, R. D. Pyles, P. Samuelsson, M. Sandells, G. Schadler, A. Shmakin, T. G. Smirnova, M. Stahli, R. Stockli, U. Strasser, H. Su, K. Suzuki, K. Takata, K. Tanaka, E. Thompson, T. Vesala, P. Viterbo, A. Wiltshire, K. Xia, and Y. Xue

Submissions from 2008


The potential impact of agricultural management change on soil restoration of the cereal-growing regions of central Spain, Darcy Boellstorff

Submissions from 2007

Competitiveness of SMEs in the U.S. Retail Sector: Illustrative Case studies from Northeast Ohio, R. V. Ennui and Madhu Rao

Entrepreneurship, globalization, and information technology: a case study of Webject Systems, Inc., Madhu Rao

Submissions from 2005


Trends in recent reservoir sedimentation rates in Southwestern Ohio, W. H. Renwick, K. J. Carlson, and James Hayes-Bohanan

Submissions from 2001

What a difference a century makes: Images of the frontier in Amazonia and the American West, James Hayes-Bohanan

Submissions from 2000


Forest cover algorithms for estimating meteorological forcing in a numerical snow model, Robert Hellström

Submissions from 1998


The temple as a symbol of Hindu identity in America?, S. M. Bhardwaj and Madhu Rao

Submissions from 1990


On 'Weather and human mortality', Madhu Rao