Quantifying Power: Does Technique make a Difference in The Olympic Lifts?

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2005

Project Description/Abstract

Identifying and understanding the key biomechanical factors that exemplify the “power clean” can provide athletes the proper tools needed to prevail at a competitive event (Souza, Shimada, & Koontz, 2002). Today’s athletes are constantly found in the weight room “pumping iron”, but does anything they do in these workouts equate to their jobs on the field, reduce the potential of injury, or make them any better at their sport? A very common desire in many sports is to be more powerful. This research seeks to examine the quantification of power in utilizing one of the Olympic Style lifts, and also will examine the relationship of proper technique to the production of power. The results of this study will be able to answer the many questions that coaches have asked for centuries, do specific lifts with proper technique in the weight room address the athletes role on the field.

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