Documenting Latin America: Completing a History Text for Publication

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2007

Project Description/Abstract

One of the great challenges of teaching Latin American history in U.S. colleges is the paucity of primary-source documents available in translation for use in the classroom. Particularly rare are sources that help students explore the significance of gender and race in the social and political history of Latin America. I have a contract with Prentice Hall to co-author a two-volume documentary history text that addresses this problem. I am primarily responsible for volume II, which focuses on race, gender, and nation in Latin America since Independence. I am contributing two chapters based on my own research, constructing nine chapters based on documents already available in translation, editing other contributors’ chapters and writing introductory materials for both the volumes in general and for different sub-sections of volume II. I am seeking a FLRG for two course releases, and some expenses toward publication, to complete work on this innovative documentary history.

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