Particle Physics Collaboration at Yale University

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2007

Project Description/Abstract

During my sabbatical (fall 2006) I collaborated with Professor David DeMille at Yale University on one of his high-profile particle/fundamental physics experiments to gain insight into nature at the level of quarks and bosons that are part of the basic building blocks of the particles and forces that govern all of the known universe. DeMille is in the 1st of a 3-year grant with plans this summer to obtain preliminary measurements in order to secure a 3-year renewal to complete the investigation. I have become an integral member of his team and DeMille believes my continued effort is necessary to meet these goals. Our measurements have the potential to be beyond the range of those of any current or planned high-energy particle group and accelerator facility in the world, at one of the frontiers of particle/fundamental physics - to be a part of it is rare and exciting.

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