Examination of knowledge and application of selected health theories/models in HIV/AIDS Education/Prevention by Non-Governmental Organizations in Nigeria

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2010

Project Description/Abstract

HIV/AIDS has been a major problem in Nigeria because many Nigerian NGO educators are not applying behavior change theories/models in basic prevention and education. The proposal research is designed to examine the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS education by NGO educators in Nigeria. The project consists of a “Training the Trainers” program and “Research” study, which examines how “Training the Trainers” models can help NGO educators to understand how to teach prevention not only for HIV/AIDS infected Nigerians but also to uninfected Nigerian youths. Sixty NGO educators will be randomly assigned into experimental and control groups consisting of thirty subjects in each group. The experimental group will participate in “Training the Trainers” workshop, while the control group will not participate in the workshop. Both groups will be pretested before the workshop, and will take a posttest again after the workshop. Study design will be Pretest-post test control group. Analysis of Covariance with multiple linear regression will be used for data analysis to determine treatment effectiveness.

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