Pinter in Performance: A Study of the Stylistic Performance Demands Associated with the Plays of Harold Pinter

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2010

Project Description/Abstract

This project will be comprised of analysis, rehearsal, and performance of a major female role from the canon of one of the most iconic and seminal playwrights of the modern English-speaking stage, as the foremost component of the methodology associated with my scholarly and artistic goal to identify the stylistic performance requirements dictated by the evolving genre of Post Realism, as represented by the plays of Harold Pinter. I will focus on creating the role of Kate from Old Times, culminating in a professional production of the play at Bridgewater State College in September, 2010. I am seeking this grant to cover the majority of the accompanying production costs. It is vital that this study function not only on the level of scholarly research and analysis, but also, and predominantly, on an empirical one, through professional production, in order to acquire a depth of understanding attainable only through rehearsal and performance.

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