Intertextual Connections: The Impact of Interactive Read-Alouds and Discussions on Elementary Students' Writing During Writing Workshop

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2012

Project Description/Abstract

During writing instruction, teachers frequently read aloud children’s literature and engage students in interactive discussions about the writing of professional authors and their classmates. These interactive discussions, including interactive read-alouds, provide students with numerous texts as mentors for their writing. This descriptive, naturalistic study conducted in an urban fifth-grade classroom examined the intertextual connections students constructed between interactive read-alouds and discussions of mentor texts at the beginning of writing workshop and their writing during writing workshop. Specifically, this study examined how the dialogue occurring amongst participants during the interactive read-alouds and discussions influenced students’ writing. Over nine-months, multiple data sources were collected including observational field notes, transcriptions, informal and semistructured interviews, and student and teacher artifacts. This study refined a previously developed grounded theory that addressed how a teacher and students socially constructed a literary understanding during interactive read-alouds and literature-based mini-lessons that intertextually influenced students’ writing during writing workshop.

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