The Information Gap and Unintended Outcomes of Social Movement, Chicago

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2004

Project Description/Abstract

A faculty and librarian research will enable me to prepare my dissertation for publication. The dissertation is entitled “The Information Gap and Unintended Outcomes of Social Movement—The 1989 Chinese Student Movement”. The central puzzle I addressed in the dissertation is why violent suppression was the final outcome despite the fact that both the Chinese state and student activists wanted very much to avoid violent confrontation. In the dissertation, I applied a game theoretical model that depicts the 1989 Chinese student movement as a three-iteration game with incomplete information. This new approach to rebellion and revolution has been seen as “highly innovative”, and “extremely provocative”. Princeton University Press is interested in my book proposal.. Although the dissertation is a complete manuscript, it needs to be updated and revised. As a full-time faculty member teaching four courses it is difficult for me to work on preparing the final manuscript. I am applying for fall 2004 course release.

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