21st Century Spain: Celluloid Visions, Transnational Remappings

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2004

Project Description/Abstract

I will travel to Spain to complete research for my book in progress and to prepare a lecture for the Second International Conference on Latin American and Iberian Cinema at the University of Hawaii in November 2005. I will reconsider the shifting topographical and symbolic contours of Madrid and Barcelona, two cities that have engaged in and performed a complex series of cultural, political, aesthetic, and linguistic oppositions to each other, and to their own past selves, both throughout history, and within the work of Hispanic artists that I analyze. I will attend the world-class film archives of Madrid and Barcelona and engage with Spanish film scholars, directors, and colleagues. This will ensure the currency of my book, which deals with the complex relationships between 21st-century Spain, Francoist Spain, and the legacy of Inquisitional culture as exemplified in Spanish cultural spectacles and analyzed by filmmakers and artists.

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