Project Adventure and Group Cohesion in Counselors

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2005

Project Description/Abstract

The conceptual framework of Project Adventure is based on several

counseling theories including the following; behavioral, cognitive and experiential learning. Graduate counseling students (N = 30) from two classes in the Department of Counselor Education will be asked to fill out A Social Climate Scale; Group Environment Scale and the Empathic Understanding Scale in the first evening of class and then again in one month. Graduate students, who volunteer, will participate in group activities from the Adventure Based Counseling course. Volunteer students in another graduate class meeting at the same time will serve as the comparison group. The results of the two different groups’ evaluations of their class’ social climate and the cognitive construct of empathy will be compared by a 2 x 2 analysis. The purpose of this study is to improve supervision of interns by increasing group cohesions and empathetic understanding

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