Submissions from 2012

Teaching the Importance of Word Choice for Diverse Learners' Reading and Writing Interactions, Elaine Bukowiecki

FDI in Non-BRIC Emerging Economies: The Case of Vietnam, Christian Delaunay and C. Richard Torrisi

Understanding the Emerging China-Brazil-U.S Triangle, Martin Grossman and Chien Wen Yu


Sustainable Technology for Person-Centered Accessible Integrated Multimodal Information Systems, Lawrence J. Harman, Uma Shama, Heather Standring, Sabitha Gopalsamy, Anil Sadhu, and Mateusz Pacha-Sucharzewski

The Presence of Hades in the Codex of Visions (P.BODM. XXXI, XXXII, XXXV), Kevin Kalish


Training the Next Generation of Transportation Professionals in Geographic Data Collection, Spatial Analysis and Customer Information, Uma Shama and Lawrence J. Harman

Business Models in the U.S.-China-Brazil Trade Triangle: A Comparative Analysis of ‘Relationship Marketing’, Guanxi and Jeitinho, Chien Wen Yu and Martin Grossman

Submissions from 2009

Infant development and the use of gestures in a captive group of white-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys), Ellen J. Ingmanson

'I’m going to tell the truth in this diary though it may sound rather conceited’: Truth, Courtship and Female Identity in the Diary of Marian Lawrence Peabody, Margaret Lowe


ICU: An introduction to object identification and mapping, Brian MacAllister and John Santore


Landing development: A first look at young children, Pamela J. Russell, Jean Eckrich, and Madison Hawkins

Submissions from 2008


Encouraging Filing: Tax Credits and Social Safety Nets, James Alm, Todd Cherry, Michael McKee, and Michael L. Jones

Synchronizing behavior: the use of gestural communication in a captive group of white-cheeked gibbons (Hylobates concolor), Ellen J. Ingmanson

Submissions from 2007


Taxpayer Services and Tax Compliance, James Alm, Michael L. Jones, and Michael McKee

From ‘Bolshevik Hall’ to Butterfly Ballroom: The Assimilation of South Norwood’s Lithuanian Hall, Patricia J. Fanning

Submissions from 2006


Scenarios in Strategic Information Systems Management, Martin Grossman and Richard V. McCarthy


Knee valgus in self-initiated vertical jump landings: developmental and gender comparisons, Pamela J. Russell, Erik E. Swartz, Laura C. Decoster, and Ron V. Croce

Submissions from 2004

The cohesive nature of gestural communication among Pan paniscus in the wild, Ellen J. Ingmanson


Loading rate in self-initiated vertical jump landings: developmental and gender comparisons, Pamela J. Russell, Erik E. Swartz, Ron V. Croce, and Laura C. Decoster

Submissions from 2000

How we know that photons are bosons: Experimental tests of spin-statistics for photons, Edward Deveney, D. Budker, N. Derr, and D. DeMille

Submissions from 1998


The Multivisions of Multiculturalism, Edward W. James