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Despite documented benefits regarding the utilization of technology in counseling, it has been underutilized by school, mental health, and student affairs counselors. Even less information has been available regarding the professional use of mobile devices by counselors in this area. This interactive presentation examines the utilization of iPads in Preventive Counseling for instruction, training, social marketing, and wellness promotion. This practice-focused workshop reflects the presenters’ yearlong exploration of the iPad and selected apps for use in teaching, training, and wellness promotion. The workshop revisits the evidence-based Indivisible Self Wellness Model (Myers and Sweeney, 2004) and uses it as the conceptual framework from which to discuss and demonstrate creative ways the iPad and selected apps can be used to enhance training, counselor education, and individual and group-based wellness promotion strategies. The limitations and caveats of using iPads and apps in this way will also be discussed.

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Rawlins, M.L. & Hughes, E. (2015, March). Preventive Counseling without Borders: Using Mobile Devices for Teaching, Training, and Wellness Promotion. Paper presented at the American Counseling Association 2015 Conference & Expo, Orlando, FL.