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Social network sites enable and drive users to express themselves, attract attention, and gain recognition from other people by disclosing private and sensational information about themselves to their networks as well as to the public. As a result, social network sites have affected the perception and concept of privacy. In this vein, this paper aims to discuss how to address the social transformation regarding privacy on SNS space through a systematic literature study. To this end, it reviews the current research on online privacy, particularly focusing on the logic of the users’ disclosure of personal information and changing notion of privacy. Then, we provide a new concept of privatized publicity, which has simultaneously reinforced not only individual self-promotion but also other-oriented symbolic interactions. The conceptualization is expected to provide social media ethnographers with theoretical and methodological guidance to more thoroughly investigate the behaviors of social media users in terms of symbolic interaction. Finally, we discuss policy implications for developing SNSs.

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Shin, Y. and Shin, D. (2012), Into the World of Privatized Publicity: Online Privacy on Social Network Sites. Asian Journal of Information and Communications. 4(1), 11-26.