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A Magazine of Sustainable Ideas from EN199 Writing for the Earth (Professor John Kucich, Fall 2015)

A Sense of Place: Essays on Where We Live

  • Fogo, Cabo Verde, by Leonarda Vieira
  • Weweantic River, by Sydney Holbrook
  • Carver Pond, by Brianna Gallagher
  • Nantasket Beach, by Brianna Davidson
  • Ames Nowell, by Cassidy Morrow
  • Old Orchard Beach, by Jill Blye
  • A Place in the Sky, by Danielle Souza
  • Pond Meadow, by Samantha Cicirelli

Imagining a Future: Speculative Fiction

  • Peggy the Penguin in Antarctica, by Haley Piotrowski
  • Lives Change in One Day, by Julianne Kilduff
  • Dust, by Adam Hayes

Taking Action: Policy, Politics and Activisim

  • Climate Reality, by Brea Caisey
  • Wind Turbines in Massachusetts, by William Tkaczuk